Dear Potential Shareholders,

I am excited to present an exceptional investment opportunity in a groundbreaking educational platform designed to transform lives and empower individuals with timeless wisdom. With over three decades of experience, I have honed my expertise in two iconic subjects: "Think and Grow Rich" since 1986 and "The Sermon on the Mount" since 1998. Through meticulous planning and innovative strategies, we have developed a teaching system that combines live chat streaming, personalized Q&A sessions, and an engaging learning experience. Here's what sets us apart:

  1. Proven Expertise: I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, spanning nearly four decades. This extensive background positions our educational content as valuable and transformative.

  2. Engaging Pre-Session Videos: We begin each session with a 5-minute video to set the stage for engaging Q&A discussions. This unique approach ensures our students come prepared and focused.

  3. Reliable Stand-In Backup: To maintain a consistent learning experience, we have a backup system in place, guaranteeing uninterrupted sessions even when I'm unavailable.

  4. Efficient Technology: We leverage Zoom for live streaming, offering a free 40-minute session that can easily be extended if needed.

  5. Secure Payment Processing: Payments are processed through, ensuring a seamless and secure payment experience for our students.

  6. Dedicated Landing Page: Our website,, serves as an informative and engaging hub for our students, showcasing our offerings and benefits.

  7. Easy Registration: Students can access our sessions and register for them by reaching out to, streamlining the enrollment process.

  8. Testing and Preparation: All sessions are thoroughly tested one hour before going live to ensure a seamless experience. Upwork staff is hired to maintain technical quality.

  9. Unique Trademark: Our "Fist to Five" approach in the chat ensures instant feedback and helps gauge the understanding of our students.

  10. Engagement and Rewards: We value our students' feedback and offer an end-of-week prize draw during Friday's feedback session.

  11. Bonus Offers: Our students are incentivized with bonus offers, including an 8-week programme and four coaching sessions, each lasting 90 minutes, all centered around the Traffic Lights Brain concept.

  12. Transaction Records: For transparency and accountability, all transactions are recorded by PayPal and Santander, ensuring financial compliance.

This investment opportunity in our innovative education platform promises growth and impact. As a shareholder, you'll be part of a visionary venture that's well-positioned to revolutionize the online education space. Our unique combination of expertise, technology, and engagement strategies ensures a bright future for our students and investors alike.

Join us on this journey to empower individuals with wisdom, knowledge, and growth. Let's build a brighter future together.



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