! Here are some multiple-choice questions related to momentum for 12-year-olds:

  1. What is momentum? a. The force of an object b. The quantity of motion an object has c. The weight of an object d. The speed of an object

  2. Which of the following factors does momentum depend on? a. Only mass b. Only velocity c. Both mass and velocity d. Neither mass nor velocity

  3. If you have two objects with the same velocity, which one will have more momentum? a. The lighter object b. The heavier object c. Both have the same momentum d. It depends on the shape of the objects

  4. Which equation represents the calculation for momentum? a. ��������=�����×��������Momentum=Force×Distance b. ��������=����+��������Momentum=Mass+Velocity c. ��������=����×��������Momentum=Mass×Velocity d. ��������=�����÷����Momentum=Speed÷Time

  5. If you increase the mass of an object and keep its velocity constant, what happens to its momentum? a. It decreases b. It increases c. It remains the same d. It becomes zero

  6. Which of the following objects has the most momentum? a. A small car moving slowly b. A large truck moving slowly c. A small car moving fast d. A large truck moving fast

  7. What happens to the momentum of an object if its velocity doubles? a. The momentum doubles b. The momentum is halved c. The momentum quadruples d. The momentum remains the same

  8. Why is it harder to stop a moving truck than a moving bicycle? a. The truck has more wheels b. The truck has more momentum c. The bicycle has more mass d. The bicycle has more velocity

  9. In a collision between two objects with different masses, which factor plays a significant role in determining the outcome? a. Only mass b. Only velocity c. Both mass and velocity d. Neither mass nor velocity

  10. Which of the following sports relies on understanding and utilizing momentum? a. Chess b. Swimming c. Table tennis d. Baseball